About Us


Since year 2000, ALM Medical has provided medical equipment from Chicago Land area to all around the world. By forming relations with different countries like USA, South America, Turkey, Asia and UAE in the middle east, ALM Medical seeks to provide the best health care solutions.

Our Vision:

To become a one stop solution for high quality and reliable healthcare product and services.

Our Products:

ALM Medical deals with Medical Equipment in all departments including: PPE Products (Nitrile Gloves, Vinyle Gloves, kN95 , N95 Mask, Covid Testing Kits, Isolation Gowns, Hand Sanitizer, 3Ply Mask, Bouffant Cap and Face Shield) Radiology, Cardiology, Surgery, Laboratory, Respiratory, Physical Therapy, Radiation Therapy, Sleep Lab, Sport Medicine, EMS/Rescue, Endoscopy and more!

Our Team:

Our team consists diversely skilled professionals who are committed to provide the best service to our customers, who have skills and knowledge to deliver in a timely manner. Their work experience revolves indepth knowledge of medical equipment, their marketing and customer relations. Meet our team here.

Our Team Members

Akhter Hussaini

President / CEO

Bing James

VP International Marketing

Mohammed Hussein

Tech Director

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