Luer Lock Syringes

Plastic raw material of glass transparency and medical purity
Latex free seal
Easy and comfortable piston movement
High impermeability.
Stop point design preventing easy exit of the piston from the cylinder
Design allowing single handed use
Medical grade blister packing consisting of transparent film
Amber Syringes; prevents UV and visible light transmittance up to 550nm wavelength while allowing tracking of fluid level.

w/o needle  18G x 1 1/2”     20G x 1 1/2”       21G x 1 1/2”     22G x 1 1/4”      22G x 1 1/2”         23G x 1”     23G x 1 1/4”
(1.2 x 38 mm)  (0.90 x 38 mm)  (0.80 x 38 mm)  (0.70 x 32 mm)  (0.70 x 38 mm)   (0.60 x 25 mm)  (0.60 x 32mm)

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